your business, our diverse talent:
all together, better outcomes

Our Story

As a group of like-minded professionals and specialists, we can understand that many businesses are reluctant to engage 'consultants'. The most common barriers to engagement include;

  • Being too expensive
  • An inability to measure the actual value to the business
  • Fear of adding unwelcome time pressure
  • A lack of clarity on the most suitable choice
  • Some understandable issues around ‘Trust’

Through our collective business experience, we consistently noted these common frustrations and the fact that clients were not necessarily getting the outcomes that they wanted, needed, or expected.

Having understood these typical gripes and barriers, we decided we should do something about it. We identified a demand to break the mould of the traditional consultancy model and that's why we got together to form the BrightPath Network

The purpose of BrightPath Network is to provide timely help to our clients through adding an appropriate blend of skills and experience into our clients’ business, and to conduct our activities within a framework of ethical reward-based principles.

We immerse ourselves into your business as though we’re an integral and responsible part of it. We have a rich pool of forward-thinking Network members we can tap into as the need arises and this means we can provide support from one or many network members depending upon your particular business challenge. However you will always benefit from having one single point of contact to help lead the project. Combine this with your own experience and your team, and you have a powerful formula from which collectively, the best outcomes can be achieved.